Wheel Of Savings

We have been changing the industry here at BQ and RRR! Every change we have made so far we have made for our customers. We have given away ten’s of thousands of dollars of our products, including aggregates, road bases and recycled concrete. We have given away 10′s of thousands of dollars worth of our waste services, giving local and large corporate’s the chance to save big when discarding there waste.

We have even given entertainment while attaining these massive savings. Every load we have had incoming and outgoing we have given our loyal customers the chance to win 5, 10, 15, 20 percent off their load, softdrinks, our Mystery Prixxxxe and whatever they have loaded on their truck for free. We have given away our services from $100 a pop to $11o0 a pop. This is a no gimmick, fun way to make your day a little bit more enjoyable and to give you an experience outside of the industry.

Come in, check us out. You’ll love what we’ve done to the place.


Dear our wonderful customers. Thanks for being loyal customers of Resource Recoveries.  If you’re not accustomed to our awesome Wheel of Savings, maybe you should be. So far we have given away $50,000 plus of waste services, quarry and recycled product. Not only has our amazing priced services and products reduced our customer’s bottom line but the “Wheel of Saving” has put real cash value back into our customer’s pockets. To say the least we are very proud of this. Anyway, we wanted to do something a bit more special for you and add a bit more value into your day. To get a further 10% discount on our products and waste services, on top of whatever percentage the wheel of savings gives you, what you need to do is call out the code word” RECYCLING REALLY ROCKS.” You have to call it out loud or it won’t count, at whoever is at the weighbridge desk when you come in.  Now each company can only do this once and we expect you to have a laugh doing it. Anyway, thanks for being there with us through the good and difficult times, hoping we put a smile on your face! Signing out, RRR Team

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